A Short Ride in a Fast Machine is an exhibition I made in collaboration with Bart Lunenburg and Caz Egelie. Together, we formed our alter-ego, named, ‘The Artist’.
Thinking of stereotypical ideas about the life and work of an artist, as a kind of ‘romantic hero’, we built a site-specific installation. The installation formed the first major retrospective exhibition of the fictitious character of ‘The Artist’, our alter-ego. A big part of the installation was an architectural structure, in which we played with the conventions of the exhibition space, leading the visitor trough several separates areas in which both pre-existing work from our separate practices as well as new and borrowed work from others was on view. The installation concluded into a space that felt like the backstage storage of a museum, in which several works were piled up.

A Short Ride in a Fast Machine - een tentoonstelling van 'The Artist'
Review by: Domeniek Ruyters, Metropolis M