These two textile works were developed for Intuinen, an exhibition by Fijne Kunsten that took place in the gardens of people living in the centre of Amersfoort.

Both works I made for this exhibition stem from research I've been working with for longer, into the role of nature/flowers in storytelling. For a while now, I’ve been looking into the various symbolical meanings that are ascribed to natural elements in traditional storytelling.

Since I knew the works were going to be shown from people's houses, I also wanted to take the homeliness/craftiness of textile into it. I asked the homeowners to take the textiles into their home at night, and hang them out the window every morning, like you would also do with bedding. I liked the idea of this small ritual getting attached to the works.

The Thyme/Sage banner focusses on the idea of using these herbs as a way of protecting your home. I read about a medieval ritual of braiding thyme and hanging it from your window, or burning a twig of thyme or sage as a way of protecting a place. The text, ‘I am well’ is a literal translation of the Latin name for sage: salvia. The design for the work is based on the traditional 'Log Cabin' quilt block, a quilt pattern that symbolizes a safe home.

The Marigold banner is based on a story a close friend told me about marigolds. Apparently, it’s a folk wisdom that when a marigold suddenly comes up in your garden, someone in your home will pass away soon.
I was touched by this story, and decided to use it as the focus for this second banner. The marigold in the middle is surrounded by a slightly sinister text about how you can never fully know what’s hiding beneath the soil of your garden.