False Friends is a series of vases holding various bouquets. The bouquets in these vases all refer to myths and stories in which these specific flowers play a special role. In each of the stories I selected, the flowers have shaken off their usual image of beauty and loveliness, and instead have become characters announcing misfortune or an unexpected turn of events. False Friends, the title of the work, is a term used in linguistics to describe words from different languages that sound or look the same, but have a different meaning. Subsequently, each flower arrangement is named after the character in the story that interacts with these flowers:

False Friends (Alice)

ceramic vase, flowers (White lily, orange lily, white rose, red rose, larkspur)

When Alice in C.S. Lewis’ Alice in Wonderland enters the garden of the red queen, she looks at these flowers and whishes they could talk. However, when they do start to talk, they’re very rude and offensive to her.

False Friends (Felicia)
ceramic vase, flowers (Carnation)

In the french fairtyale Fortunée, almost everything a girl inherits from het father is stolen from her by her brother: all but a vase filled with pink carnations. By the end of the story, the vase turns into a handsome young man.

False Friends (Marianne)

ceramic vase, flowers (the ones currently growing in my studio garden)

This flower arrangement will change whenever the location of my studio changes. The flowers for this one are the ones currently blooming in the garden of my studio. The arrangement is named after Marianne, who I share my studio with.

False Friends (Medea)

ceramic vase, flowers (Monkshood)

In Greek Mythology, Medea tries to kill Theseus by pouring him a cup of wine poisoned with monkshood.

False Friends (Persephone)

ceramic vase, flowers (Irises, add daffodils when in season)

In the legend of Persephone, she is described to be picking a bouquet of spring flowers  (both Irises and daffodils are named), which turn out to be a trap set by Hades to be able to abduct her to the underworld.

All vases are made in close collaboration with Cyril Vibert.