An intervention by The Artist (a collective formed by Bart LunenburgCaz Egelie, and me) in the context of Artist Crisis Center II: Tact Gear.

After their successful retrospective A Short Ride in a Fast Machine at Moira in 2019, The Artist takes shelter in Artist Crisis Center II: Tact Gear by Ieva Kraule-Kuna & Elina Vitola at P/////AKT. Here The Artist will hide from the shame that comes with acknowledging an art practice in dire straits. Focussing on the idea of shame and disguise, an architectural structure and coat were placed in the show. Every day a postcard was delivered to the exhibition space, with the instruction for the host that day to make a disguise out of a newspaper. After, these postcards and newspapers were added to the installation. On the last day, a performance was announced to take place. The Artist, too ashamed to visit the Artist Crisis Centre themselves, sent over an assistent to buy one of the Tact Gear kits undercover. The assisted purchase took place on dec 13, when an intervention by  The Artist was planned and programmed at P/////AKT.

Coat made by Maya Berkhof