Ghost Poem is a series of sentences that imagines the reader as a ghost haunting the text - and at the same time, the reader as being haunted by the text itself.

When a tragic story makes us cry, are the tears we shed our own or those of the main character? Do we, while reading, become temporarily haunted by the characters we read about? Ghost Poem views reading as a corporeal experience, as if a translation of the body of the text somehow takes place into the body of the reader. There’s a side to every tale that transcends the written words themselves; floating in an almost ghostly manner between the pages and the hands that hold them.

Photo credits: LNDWstudio 

Ghost Poem was part of the exhibition smoothing (lines into circles) at A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam. The exhibition was conceived in close collaboration with CBK Rotterdam and additionally supported by the municipality of Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fund.