Binnerts’ textile works are the result of research into archetypes in fairytales, fables and myths. In many stories, specific properties are often attributed to plants and animals: a fox is seen as cunning, a rose is a symbol of pure beauty. Such symbols are so archetypical that we immediately recognize them, while they have little to do with the way we actually experience nature.

Murmur takes a sidestep in this research by focusing it on stories in which characters, often women, lose their voices. The words on the banners refer not only to the ambiguous meaning of archetypes, but also to various stories from Ovid’s book Metamorphoses. Among others, the story of Philomela and Procne, in which a woman’s voice is taken away. Eventually she weaves a cloth to still be able to tell her story. Binnerts’ works evoke an image that resonates in the context of fairy tales, fables and myths, but it gives the viewer the opportunity to augment its meaning with their own imagination.

text by Youri Appelo