The same song sung by a different tongue is a combination of two sets of murals, that were commissioned for the exhibition Re:Re:Re, curated by Jan Pieter Karper at the Academiegalerie in Utrecht. Both murals focus on the idea of reproduction and repetition.

The first one, placed on the opposite sides of a ceiling beam in the first space: “A VIEWER STRUCK BY A SENTENCE / A READER ADMIRING THE VIEW” metions the characters of The Viewer and The Reader, who are both each others doppelgangers and each others opposites at the same time.

The second one, placed the walls of the second space: “Familiar words passing similar lips / The same song sung by a different tongue / An argument between two identical voices” plays with the idea of authenticity. I realised that with words, it’s mainly ones voice that can serve as a proof of authenticity. The sentences play with this idea of the same set of words that take on different shapes because of the way in which and by who they’re being said.